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We all know what’s going on with Shivam, Here we will Just talk with Data and what it is showing and suggesting.


First Quick Analysis of data

-The price of Shivam cement is raised by 15 % ( All thanks to the recent quick green in Nepse)
-The recent week has seen 61 % growth of Shivam traded shares in comparison to the previous week
-whereas in comparison to the prior 2-month week, it has seen 68% growth
-The Total Quantity traded weekly has been increased in manner ( pic-1)


SO what is the relationship-Analysis 

When there is high buying pressure with a minimal impact on the price, it can be considered a favorable buying opportunity.
This indicates a strong demand for the share, while the lack of significant price movement suggests a balanced market where
buyers are willing to purchase at the current price and sellers are willing to sell without panicking. In this situation,
the absence of excessive supply and the absence of panic-driven selling can help maintain market stability and
prevent a potential downward spiral caused by the fear of missing out (FOMO).


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