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Let’s see what the data is suggesting


First Quick Analysis

-After no interest in weeks 2-3-4, it seems people are buying HDL in from last 3 weeks,
it could be due to the recent greenish in Nepse, The price is fluctuating by only 1-2% in the last 8 weeks,
which indicates the stock is in a sideways
-In the last 8 weeks only 1 % upward is seen in HDL which shows a degree if sideways
-In 2 months ago quarter where the total weekly traded quantity was 106886 and
the traded quantity has fallen since and how is it catching up as people are gathering
or buying HDL from the last 2 weeks (week 6-)

When there is high buying pressure with a minimal impact on the price,
it can be considered a favorable buying opportunity.


Now price analysis table



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